SRO's (School Resource Officers)

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School Resource Officers have been interacting in our local schools since January of 1999 in Eagle County. The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office’s current School Resource Officer (SRO) program began in April 2008 with the Eagle County Schools (ECSD).

WHAT is an SRO?
WHY are SRO's at our schools?

The SRO has the same authority and responsibilities as sworn law enforcement officers. SRO’s integrate themselves in the school(s) to build working relationships with the students while partnering with the staff to promote safe schools and a safe environment.

The SRO is not a school employee, however, they work closely with school staff to resolve problems. The SRO responds to any situation at a school requiring law enforcement intervention such as fights, thefts, drugs, etc.

The SRO can also act as a Guest Teacher and an Informal Counselor to continue the working relationship between students, staff, and administration.

SRO as Guest Teacher: The SRO will have opportunities to teach law-related topics such as constitutional law, safe driving, dangers of drug use, etc. which allows the SRO to interact with students in a non-stressful, casual environment to educate students while building relationships.

SRO as Informal Counselor: The SRO is a resource for students; who can seek out and confide in the SRO for any reason. If needed, the SRO can refer students/families to another agency for further assistance.

Eagle County Sheriff's Office will have three full-time, certified SROs dedicated to 12 public schools and 6 private schools within the Eagle River Valley community for the 2021/22 school year.

?Get to know the SRO at your child's school, they are a great resource!

Deputy Dustin Oakley                                    
assigned to BMHS and east end schools

Deputy Rob Burner                                       
assigned to HPS and east end schools

Deputy Griffin Wright                                   
assigned to EVHS and Gypsum schools
*Private Schools - Contact Dispatch @ (970) 479-2201

Elementary Schools:

Middle Schools:

High Schools:

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