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Mission, Vision and Values
Mission, Vision and Values
ECSO Mission Vision Values
Mission Statement 

"Our Mission is to serve the people of Eagle County by promoting and maintaining a sense of peace and cooperation throughout our community and improving the quality of life through excellence."


The Eagle County Sheriff's Office will always strive for excellence in all we do! We will be vital and integral team members both within our organization and within the community we serve. We will provide and share law enforcement services through team oriented, intelligence based partnerships.

Through quality work, recognition, collaborative problem solving, strong morals and values we can all take effective action to enhance the safety and quality of life in our community.


The people we are sworn to serve must have confidence, trust and faith in the ability of the Eagle County Sheriff's Office to professionally, efficiently and reliably perform all their duties.

Our values support the feeling of safety and security in all of our citizens by providing the best law enforcement service throughout Eagle County.

We will always do our utmost to protect and serve all the people in Eagle County and ensure the quality of life through effective, professional, empathetic, fair and impartial delivery of law enforcement services.

As an Office we believe that our staff represents our community's single largest and most important investment. Therefore, we are committed to excelling in our profession and will do our best to fine tune all of our job skills. We recognize that good interpersonal communication skills are absolutely necessary to perform our duties in an efficient manner.

We value open and honest communicators who display high moral and ethical conduct, character, integrity, adaptability, and sound judgment. We believe each employee must be a leader within the office and community. We expect employees to be result-oriented problem solvers who are responsible and accountable.

We will excel and provide the best quality of work by our professional and personal commitment. Devoting to the community, and all its people, the highest level of law enforcement services in response to ever changing needs by promoting justice, equality, fairness, honesty, integrity, legality and dedication; both for the Eagle County Sheriff's Office and to the public we serve.

We will always remain vigilant and aware of the authority and the responsibilities to which we are entrusted and to ensure that it is consistent with our obligation to serve and protect the public with fairness and equality.

Sept 2021
Organizational Structure
Organizational Structure

The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office patrols & serves 1,692 sq miles in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and collaborates with community partners and first responders partners.

The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office is prepared to respond to calls, incidents, and emergencies. Our trained service teams include:

  • Command Staff
    • Sheriff - Fire Warden
    • Undersheriff / Patrol Captain
    • Captain of Jail
    • Sergeants of Patrol
    • Sergeants of Detentions
    • Sergeant of Investigations
    • Supervisors of Administration
  • Investigations
    • GRANITE Drug Task Force
    • Evidence Unit
    • Sex Offender
  • Patrol
    • Special Operations Unit
    • K9 Unit
    • School Resource Officers
  • Detentions
  • Administration
    • Civil
    • Records
    • Sheriff Sales
    • Victim Services
    • Community Affairs
We are proud to serve our community!
Sheriff Policies
Sheriff Policies
ECSO JPGSheriff’s Office Policies

Eagle County Sheriff's Office provides all employees with rules and guidelines for general duties and expectations for many of its functions as related to potential incidents or situations.

Employees are required to enforce Colorado laws and statutes, directed to the Sheriff by the Constitution and laws of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the State of Colorado, and other proper judicial mandates, in a reasonable and prudent manner.  

Incidents shall be appropriately reported, investigated, and reviewed.

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